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With our interior design services in Bangalore you will increase the comfort, well-being and functionality of your home before investing in it, through our comprehensive interior design service.

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We transform your interiors to get the most out of your spaces and profitability.

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At AVVNL, we have a team of professionals specialized in the development of interior design and interior design projects. Being one the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore, we work on all of them seeking uniqueness, in addition to creating a comfortable, functional and pleasant space. Only in this way can we achieve the objective of any reform: to improve the quality of life of those who go to work or live in it.

Why choose us?

The way in which we ensure that our results are successful is through the figure of interior designers, trained and with years of experience in the sector. But, in addition, the AVVNL team is made up of professionals from other sectors such as architecture, decoration or design. The plurality and richness that this gives us allows us to develop each project from a more comprehensive perspective and anticipate future needs and problems.

We are interior designers in Bangalore for apartments, houses and businesses at better cost. Having worked for different sectors. This gives us the versatility necessary to respond positively to all your needs. Trust any AVVNL professional for your interior design in Bangalore and we assure you a comprehensive transformation of your space that includes even the smallest details you can imagine.

What do our interior design projects include?

  • Preparation of briefings
  • Preparation of proposals and trends
  • 3d views
  • Detailed plans, plan and elevations
  • Quality memories
  • Monitoring of the project in work

Are you looking for an interior designers in Bangalore? An interior design studio in Bangalore? At AVVNL we offer our services throughout the territory.

Have we already convinced you that trusting us for your interior design project is a good option? For more information or to request a quote, do not hesitate to contact a AVVNL interior designers in Bangalore

Below we invite you to know our work through images of some of our projects.

Our Interior design & Decoration concept

Basically, the main purpose of the interior is the creation of spaces indoor living and individualized, and paying special attention to the functionality, the aesthetic and an interior decoration  suitable to the requirements of the site, one of the key aspects for creating this type of projects is that the final result must convey an idea, concept or feeling. From an exhaustive analysis of each particular situation, and with constant interaction with our clients, the conditions that can determine the best solution for adopt in each case and what actions to take at all times.

Whether for the design inside of homes to create more comfortable and functional spaces to enjoy spaces relaxed for work in an office or to renew the brand image of a company, the important thing is to have the advice and with the right professionals to achieve your investment objectives. Avoid standardized solutions. Our goal is to offer custom designs to make your projects unique and unrepeatable pieces.


We think of an  interior decoration suitable for your needs.

In interior decoration  we put special interest in developing concepts through dialogue with our clients, constant reflection and the exchange of experiences. We will always seek added value for the designs you need.

We make the projects  unique and totally personalized elements, paying special attention to resolution in detail and taking into account aspects that go from materiality and spatial distribution, to furniture or corporate and brand design.

Types of interior design projects we have worked on

At AVVNL, we have carried out interior design work for all types of professionals and individuals.
  • Apartment interior design
  • Interior design for Individual Houses
  • Interior design for Villas
  • Interior design for Residential homes
  • Interior design for companies
  • Interior design for commercial premises

We develop our interior design work in different phases designed to work together with the client and that he receives information at each step of his project.

Are you looking for someone to advise you with experience and professionalism, and who also helps you turn your space into the place you enjoy being?

When our clients choose to work with us, we listen to their every request and we are fully committed to meeting each of their requirements. Our goal as interior designers is to improve your way of life, making the most of your space and adjusting to your budget.


Frequent questions

In this section we answer the frequently asked questions our clients ask about interior design services in Bangalore.

Interior designers and decorators bring interior spaces to life and enhance their aesthetic and practical characteristics. While interior decorators mainly focus on the visual aspect of a room. On the contrary, interior designers rethink the distribution of space, as well as its practicality and organization.

So part of an interior designer's job resembles that of an architect in that it has more to do with construction work than aesthetic embellishments.


Hiring the interior design service through an interior designer or  interior design company in Bangalore can save you time, money and energy in the long run. Above all, professional designers and decorators bring extensive training and extensive experience and knowledge to your renovation, construction, or makeover. Additionally, interior designers and decorators use their experience and product knowledge to expand and develop your original ideas, solve environmental problems, and save you time, money, and frustration.


If you are looking for an interior designers in Bangalore, keep in mind that a professionally designed interior must meet all building codes. Likewise, with the regulation of health, safety and products to provide improvements for domestic or commercial purposes.

Consequently, such advice can have a direct impact on the welfare and safety of consumers. Because, especially in a commercial environment, such advice must be independently qualified and measured.

Certainly,  interior decoration  refers to the art and science of making an interior space aesthetically pleasing, useful and functional for its inhabitants. However, the exterior of a building can sometimes also be included in the  interior decoration, the term generally refers only to the interior design.

So, anyone who has decorated their home or office has participated in  interior design. Also, it is a popular theme that is used by many entertainment television shows to decorate the home and garden.

Similarly, it is a popular hobby for many people because they don't need a degree to make you proud to decorate their home.