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Big List of Interior Design ideas for the Love of Home

Bricks and mortar are not enough to make your dream home. Interior design is a crucial part of it. Lucky are those who have an inherited designer mindset. With a proper interior designing idea, you can miraculously convert your home from regular to an extraordinary place to live.

If you are looking for some inspirational ideas for your home interior design, you’re already at the right place. Whether it is the hall, kitchen, bedroom, or even your living room, you’ll find everything for your designer needs in this article.

Therefore, hop in to this blog post and scroll through the endless list of interior design ideas for your dream home. As it comes to an end, you’ll surely have a plethora of imaginative ideas wandering around your mind. So, let’s begin the designer madness in 3… 2… 1…

Interior design ideas for hall

The very first thing accessed by your guests or visitors is the hall of your home. Therefore, let’s take a look at most prominent interior design ideas for hall:

1.    Modern and luxurious

Starting off with the first one, this design comprises a modern look with luxurious choice of furniture for your hall. Such a design never fails to impress your visitors and gain complements. In this design, the placement of the table is considered as a center of arrangement and the furniture is placed around it. The furniture consists of white lounges with numerous throw pillows of matching color. Moreover, the design is made more attractive with installation of greenery in your hall. Furthermore, designer ceilings and artistic frames on the wall act as a cherry on top for this design.

2.    Wooden wall design

Next up on the rundown, here’s a really attractive design that looks heavenly for your hall and liven ups its aura. In this interior design, the walls as well as the ceilings are decorated with wooden texture. Moreover, even the floor of your hall is laminated with wooden texture to pair up with the overall design. On top of that, some lighting is added in the form of lamps to provide a brightening appearance to the overall space. Furthermore, a mild hue on the ceiling will make this design even more attractive. It is certainly an extremely pleasant interior design for your hall.

3.    Rustic design

If we talk about a design that is both beautiful as well as pleasant, this design certainly fits the bill. This design is inspired by a completely white interior. The furniture and the flooring are made with white color and black patterns. Moreover, the main point of interest in this design are the rustic frames made of wood for your window, TV cabinet, and gates. Furthermore, this design encourages to decorate empty walls with abstract paintings. Overall, this design provides a highly soothing experience in your hall that reflects a holistic aura all over the place.

Interior design ideas for kitchen

Kitchen acts as the heart of your house. Therefore, complement it with a little bit of style by considering the following interior design ideas for kitchen:

1.    White beauty

Whether you choose a modern or rustic design, white kitchen interior can blend in with anything. Various color shades are likely to feel boring after a certain time. Therefore, swap those accessories to make some room for pureness of white color. Moreover, pair it up with some accent wood and make it a natural conversation starter in the form of a kitchen. Furthermore, the availability of some greenery in the form of herbs will take the design to a whole new level. Not only will it make the kitchen look fresher but the beautiful aroma will provide you a sense of relaxation every time you hit the kitchen.

2.    Traditional kitchen

Modernized designs might be a choice for many, but traditional designs remain the most prominent selection for luxurious kitchen interior designs. With this design, you’re encouraged to install a white cabinet with all the modern appliances. After all, going traditional doesn’t mean you need to compromise with your comfort and technology. Furthermore, a wooden ceiling with rustic texture and brown curtains will further add up even more beauty to the overall design. With furniture such as backless chairs, you can surely achieve a great design with a completely traditional look for your kitchen.

3.    Minimal kitchen design

Clutter is not always the first choice of many. Therefore, here’s a design that comprises minimal elements, all for your dream kitchen interior design. In this design, most of the interior is kept white and  a lot of space is kept free. Furthermore, with the help of raw wooden furniture, this design looks extremely nice. Just pair it up with some hanging lamps to brighten up the place and it will get a great aura. Optionally, you can also add some greenery to make the design even better.

Interior design ideas for bedroom

Bedroom is the place where we forget about all our worries. To get a good night of sleep, make sure you follow these interior design ideas for bedroom and make it even more comfortable:

1.    Bright and light

You may think that we have an obsession with white color. However, white color is a great choice for a bedroom décor due to its expansive nature. Moreover, if you have a small bedroom, white color prevents the place from looking boxed and makes it feel like there’s a lot of space. Therefore, it is a great way to add up some brightness in your space and fulfill the unavailability of a large wall. Furthermore, if you add up white bed sheets with patterned rugs, you’ll surely get a soothing effect in your bedroom. Also, hang up a mood light on the top and you’ll always wake up with something beautiful in front of your eyes.

2.    Cozy corners

While focusing on the bedroom décor ideas, you may observe that most of the designs comprise a bed at the center of your wall. However, one of the most prominent designs apart from this is where you use narrow floors along with a limited amount of space. In such a design, you need to relocate your bed in one corner of your wall. Such an arrangement will make an effective sleeping space that will feel extremely cozy and comfortable. Moreover, it will also give you a feeling like staying in a college dorm. Furthermore, you can also feel free to add a headboard cover system to provide it an even furnished look.

3.    Bed frame with headboard

Whether you have a small bedroom or a large one, even a few meters of space can gradually transform your bedroom into a luxurious space. Therefore, you need to get started with the footboard style arrangement of your bed and then flip it with a modern headboard to provide a complete luxurious look to your bedroom. Moreover, you have all the liberty to choose a Hollywood bed frame that will help you provide support to the bottom of your bed. Hence, it won’t be extending more than the dimensions of your cozy mattress. Furthermore, add up some art décor and make it even better.

Interior design ideas for small homes

When it comes to interior design, size is just a number. With that said, here are some innovative interior design ideas for small homes that you may consider

1.    Centre of display

When you have a small home or an apartment, you have a very limited number of choices available. However, such a minimal experience provides an extremely contemporary look to your house. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that you keep as low elements as you can. Don’t try to fit everything in such a challenging space of your small house. Just concentrate on what matters for you and what makes you feel better as well as inspired. With such things, you’ll be in a deep sense of relaxation and comfort along with an amazing design.

2.    Higher curtains

If you have a small apartment that too with four-foot windows, you must know that it can be the center of attraction for your home and rest of the design can be easily transitioned around it. Therefore, if you want to make the most out of your small house interior design, you need to be as creative as possible. For instance, you can start off by installing a dramatic ceiling as well as some sheer curtains to ensure that the space looks larger and beautiful at the same time.

3.    Small furniture design

As the trend of interior design grows gradually, you can get a large number of amazing and attractive pieces of furniture that not only look good but also make an efficient use of available space at your small house. With the help of such furniture, you can easily create a beautiful interior décor with amazing and minimal furnishing made exclusively for small homes. Moreover, when it comes to furniture for small homes, you are never out of options and have plenty of choices to choose from. Therefore, start off by replacing the existing furniture with minimal ones and get along with designing styles that you love.

Interior design ideas for living room

Does your living room actually feel lively? Well, it might be missing an appropriate interior design. Therefore, fulfil the designer need of your living room with these prominent interior design ideas for living room:

1.    Furniture rearrangement

Starting off with the most inexpensive option first, you just need to make use of things already available in your living room. Therefore, get your existing furniture and start with an arrangement that will prove to be meticulous for the looks of your living room. So, start moving those pieces of furniture and keep arranging them until you find your desired set of arrangement that provides you a sense of satisfaction and comfort. Moreover, make sure that the arrangement is suitable enough to enjoy a movie on your TV. Furthermore, you can also hand off furniture from other rooms to make it even better.

2.    Light up the space

Brighten up your dull and boring living room space by adding some latest light fixtures at your space. You can choose from anything such as chandeliers, glow lights, or even recessed bulbs. The core rule of choosing the best lighting is to use it for highlighting a great design. For instance, you can show off your amazing tapestries or handmade pillow covers in your living room with the help of glow lights. The design will surely grab the attention of all of your visitors in an instant.

3.    Art attack

What could be better than an interior design that consists of bright and vibrant colors along with prolific art pieces? You may think that art pieces can be really expensive and may not fit in your budget. However, you can also choose to make your own art pieces or make use of already available paintings at your home. A combination of modern as well as abstract art paintings will surely be a great option for your living room interior design. Moreover, you can also use colorful throw pillows to make the design even more vibrant and amazing.

Interior design ideas for restaurant

Uniqueness is what sets you apart from the crowd. If you want more visitors for your restaurant, make sure you make it more attractive with these interior design ideas for restaurant given below:

1.    Typography art

Starting off with yet another cost-effective interior design, typography will surely receive a lot of positive testimonials from a lot of your customers. When it is done in the right way, typography can be a huge success for your restaurant décor. With the help of amazing diagrams, bold graphics, and marquee letters, you can choose a great design scheme that speaks up for your place. Moreover, you can also opt in for neon signs that are a huge hit as of now. Otherwise, you can always choose to get a custom design made specifically for your restaurant with quotes that reflects the nature of your business.

2.    Wall arts with murals

Apart from being an idea of rebels with a cause, murals are also a great way to signify the beauty of your restaurant. With the help of a local artist, you can get a gallery-inspired mural art decorated at a blank wall of your restaurant. That thing will surely act as an amazing center of attraction for your restaurant. With such an art, your guests will surely run over it to take selfies and post it on their social media handles. However, if you have no space for such a design inside your restaurant, you can opt for an exterior art as well.

3.    Greenery décor

Who doesn’t love the aroma and beautiful essence of nature? Now, get the charming aura of greenery inside your restaurant and give a new experience to your customers. Decorate your restaurant with a lot of greenery and make it look amazingly beautiful. Moreover, spark the design up with hanging lamps and it will become a great theme-based design for your restaurant. With the help of such a design, you’ll be able to make a significant connection with your guests and let them know about the freshness and cleanliness of your ingredients.

Interior design ideas for row houses

A lovely design can transform even the dullest space to something energizing and a row house is no exception. Have a look at these interior design ideas for row houses and complement your town hall like never before:

1.    Bookshelf row house

For a perfect design for your row house, you must include the things that excite you the most. What else can be a better option than books in this case. Therefore, it is a great idea to decorate your row house with all of your favorite books at one place. Moreover, with the help of small furniture and a white dry wall, the design will look extremely catchy for your row house. The idea is to place two bookshelves on either side of your chimney and decorate the empty space in the middle with some greenery or a wall painting.

2.    White row house

If you are looking for a modern interior design for your row house, you must consider this white interior design idea. The concept of this décor is to make your row house completely white with minimal furniture like lounges and cushions in place. Moreover, you can also opt in for wooden flooring to make it look even more elegant. Furthermore, you can fulfill the lighting needs of your row house by removing any existing curtains and making use of the natural light. Also, adding a bookshelf will act as a cherry on the top.

3.    Open room row house

The core mantra of a great row house design is to have the least number of room dividers in place. Therefore, instead of dividing the various parts of your row house, you should remove the partition and make it a complete big space. Moreover, you can make the interior look even more complete by using bookshelves. In this design too, the wooden flooring will look extremely elegant. Also, if you want to add up some furniture, you can opt for wooden furniture that pairs up excellently with the modern style of your row house.

Interior design ideas for Indian kitchen

As stated above, kitchens act as the heart of your house. Moreover, when it comes to Indian kitchens, it is more than just a physical space. So, wait no more and take a look at these interior design ideas for Indian kitchen:

1.    Pop accessories and colors

There’s hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t like the gorgeousness of color bombs in their elegant looking kitchen with a white and beige theme. Moreover, when such a design is coupled up with a pendant lamp in geometrical design, the overall look of your kitchen is embraced. Also, if you are looking to add a breakfast counter in your kitchen, you can add up a couple of bar stools to match with the existing décor of your kitchen. Such a design will surely make you spend more time in the kitchen and make lavishing meals all day long.

2.    Open and inviting space

When you couple up your traditional and retro accessories with a modern and contemporary look, the results are always just amazingly beautiful. Now, connect your kitchen with the rest of the parts of your home and provide it as much importance as the rest of your home. With the help of window panes and partition shelves, you can create amazing openings that can catch everyone’s eyes. Add up some more elegance to your kitchen by installing a wooden cabinet, a modern countertop, and a backsplash to make the place feel warmer and cozier.

3.    Grey sophisticated look

Fools are those who think that grey color is boring and dull. Instead, when you use the grey color properly for your home décor, you can see the true potential and the beauty that it provides to your kitchen. Moreover, with the help of black countertops with a modernized look and a cabinetry with a raised panel, you can make the design even more amazing. To add up some greenery, you can make use of potted herbs and floor rugs that signify the importance of grey color in an even better way.

Interior design ideas for office

An attractive workspace can gradually improve the productivity of your work. Therefore, to ensure that you keep it organized, these interior design ideas for office might help:

1.    Open floors

When it comes to modern office designs, you may see that a lot of people are opting in for interiors with lesser walls. By reducing the number of walls available at your office space, you can make a view canopy for multiple spaces available at your office. With the help of this, you’ll be able to encourage more collaborations, change floor plans as per requirements, and design everything at an effective cost. Furthermore, such a design is also ideal to promote good health for your employees. Even your employees can easily move from one part of the office to another in a frequent way.

2.    Color psychology

When talking about contemporary interior decorum ideas for your office, you must know that the psychology of colors is in a huge trend right now. Different colors possess various different impacts on different types of people. Therefore, while doing an interior design for your office, you should choose a range of colors as per the environment that you want to create in your office. For instance, if you want to make the place feel more vibrant, you can choose to decorate the place with orange color. Moreover, if you want to provide it a vibrant look, you can choose bright colors such as yellow or white.

3.    A home finishing

The majority part of our day is spent at our offices and workplaces with our beloved colleagues. Therefore, it feels more like a primary home to most of us. So, if you want to make sure that your employees are completely engaged in the workspace, make sure that you let them feel like home with a house-like interior design for your workspace. For that, you can add up some cushions around a table and let the employees relax while they work. This will make your work space a lot more engaging and fun.

Interior design ideas for apartments

Whether it is a nest or a bungalow, a home is lovable no matter what. Therefore, you must get inspiration from these interior design ideas for apartments and make it more prestigious:

1.    Furniture space divider

Most of the small apartments don’t have sufficient space to have a separate kind of living and dining rooms. Moreover, some of them cannot even choose to have a separate bedroom. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot create separate zones in your apartment for the various parts of your house. By just using some furniture, you can easily create dividers for your whole apartment. For instance, if you own a sofa, you can use it to divide your apartment in two phases such as a living and a dining room.

2.    Irregular rug pattern

Rectangular rugs are not the only option available to you while you are buying something to signify the importance of your flooring. Instead, you should try something unique like an irregular shape for your rug. The best part about having an irregular rug is that you won’t have to deal with the irregular sizes that come either too small or too big for rugs. Therefore, you can choose a shape like a round one or even a cowhide that doesn’t fit anywhere. With such designs, your flooring will surely grab a lot of attention.

3.    Art props

People always say, you must fake it until you can actually make it. Following the same, if you don’t have a larger space in your apartment, you can make it look like you have plenty of space available by removing the excess furniture from your home. Moreover, you must consider using acrylic or glass pieces to make your space look even bigger. Therefore, instead of spending your capital on a bulky coffee table, you can choose one made of glass or even acrylic.

Interior design ideas for jewelry store

Let your jewelry store interior match the luxury of jewels and gems in your store. Complement your space a little with these interior design ideas for jewelry store right now:

1.    Bold green

Luxury is what the jewelry store depicts the most. Therefore, with this design, you make use of green color as a dominant theme for your store. In this design, the flooring is completely made of shiny marbles in green color and white borders. Moreover, you can showcase the products available in the store with the help of a hanging design near some greenery that you add in your design. Furthermore, with the help of open windows and natural lighting, your jewelry shop will shine like gems. It is certainly a great design for a prestigious jewelry store.

Interior design ideas for café

A café is best defined by two major words – contemporary and classy. So, to add a class to your café, these interior design ideas for café might help:

1.    Brick wall

If you want to provide a rustic look to your café, you must take a look at the brick wall interior café design. With this design, you can achieve a retro and classical look for your café. Moreover, with modern furniture and bar chairs, the design will look even better. In the case of lightning, you can either choose to use natural lighting or can add some hanging lights to change the mood of the whole café. The design emphasizes the main attraction to the area of seating.

2.    Modern white

Making things a lot more unique, this design is highly different among all other designs. In this design, you need to get your walls whitewashed with wall lights focusing on the bottom. Parallel to the lights, you need to keep tables and chairs facing the wall and light signifying the focus on food kept on the table. In another area, you can keep a table of four as well.

3.    It’s a small world

If you have a small café then this minimal design will surely prove to be highly attractive for your café. In this design, we follow a completely minimal look and make use of small elements to make more free space. With the help of this, the area looks a lot bigger and better. For instance, you can use patterned rugs with bar chairs, a single long wooden chair, and plants. Moreover, in order to complement the overall style, you can also install wooden flooring.

Interior design ideas for villas

Without a great design, a villa is no less than a haunted place. Therefore, liven up the space with these interior design ideas for villas right away:

1.    Spanish design

It is evident that Spanish always had a taste of décor for their living space. Following the same, this design is based on one of the prominent ideas of Spanish designers. With an amazing arrangement of fireplace as the center of attraction, sofas and lounges are kept around it. Moreover, the whole room follows a uniform blend of patterns as well as colors. Furthermore, with the help of wooden plywood as a part of your flooring, the overall place will look extremely eye-catching. This is certainly a great villa design for your luxurious place.

2.    Tuscan design

When talking about Tuscan, we all know that it is known for nature, sun, and the charm of outdoor beauty. If you are fortunate enough to have a private villa somewhere near the mountains, you have a great opportunity to increase its prestige to a great extent. Such a design will surely transform your villa into a luxurious palace. Furthermore, make sure that you also keep the outdoors maintained so that the overall look feels even more amazing.  On top of that, interior lighting can also be used to signify the look even more for this design idea.

3.    Modern design

No matter how hard you go with classical and highly detailed designs for your villa. Modern designs are something that always provides a contemporary look to your villa with their minimal yet beautiful nature. In this design, a white color theme is suggested with minimal use of furniture. In place of dining chairs, a set of bar chairs is used to provide an even modernized look to the villa. Moreover, the use of hue is done in a way to signify the various important parts of your villa.

Interior design ideas for bedroom in India

Make sure that you always wake up to something beautiful by remodeling your bedroom with these interior design ideas for bedroom in India:

1.    Wallpaper design

If you want to provide a newer and fresher look to your bedroom, you don’t need to do a major transformation. Instead, just a single wallpaper can also do the job with ease. You may think of this as a simple idea and wonder how it could change the look of your house. However, you must know that with the right choice of colors, you can easily transform anything from your bedroom to your kitchen. Moreover, wallpaper can also be used to make a smaller place look larger and bigger.

2.    Wall colors

The most important thing that you need to consider for your bedroom décor is your wall. Blank drywall will never make the place exciting for you. Therefore, you must make sure that you are creative with the wall to make an impact on the complete bedroom. As a cost-effective solution, you can start by painting your wall with a light color that soothes your eyes and provides you a sense of relaxation. Moreover, you can add a lamp on either side of your bed to make the design even more exciting.

3.    Wall tiles design

If you want to provide a solid as well as bold design to your bedroom, you can choose to design it with tiles. Moreover, not only regular tiles but you should design it with patterned tiles such as ones with stripe design. Furthermore, you have all the liberty to choose from darker shades as well as lighter shades as per the existing design and color of your bedroom. Also, you must opt for smaller furniture to make the design even more exciting and modern. Wall paintings will surely act as a cherry on the top for your bedroom interior design.

Interior design ideas for a new house

Are you planning to build a new house? Well, make sure you make it stylish with the help of these interior design ideas for a new house:

1.    Lowered room with glasses

When you keep your design low, the prestige of your new house automatically grows higher. In this design, you are encouraged to employ furniture that is more towards the ground level. Moreover, instead of walls, glasses are to be used that provide you a sneak peek to nature. Furthermore, to add up some privacy, you can install beautiful curtains that match your furniture design. Also, floored rugs in irregular patterns will surely work for such a design. You can add up a bookshelf at the top to make it even more exciting.

2.    Glass floor ocean

Nowadays, most people are paying more attention to the floors of their new house. While most of the people are experimenting with patterned rugs, you can choose to change the floor completely with glass. Moreover, not only with plain glass but you can add water and make an underground aquarium on your floor. Such a design will surely grab a lot of attention from many people. Moreover, to make it even more calming, you can choose to install wooden textured walls. Make sure you must try this design for your new home décor.

3.     Library on ceiling

If you are an avid reader and books play a significant role in your lives, you can opt-in for this design. In this design, you follow a wooden interior for your home along with a large bookshelf on your ceiling. With this design, you can make sure that your home looks really unique and provides a sense of relaxation every time you look at it. Moreover, you can also make use of tapestries to make the décor even more beautiful. Also, with the help of appropriate lighting, you can complement the whole design.

Interior design ideas for master bedroom

A great bedroom soothes your eyes and provides you an immense level of comfort. So, have a look at these interior design ideas for master bedroom quickly:

1.    Personal touch

The core mantra of creating an amazing bedroom décor style is to do what makes you satisfied. After all, only a design that provides you satisfaction can let you sleep with peace in your bedroom. Therefore, make sure that you always compliment the style with your own personal touch. If you are fond of tapestries, you can make a canopy out of it. If you love colors, you can make a pop of shades in your bedroom. In the end, just never hesitate to experiment with your thinking and always add up your personalization to your design.

2.    Fireplace lighting

In every master bedroom design, there is a place that acts as the center of attraction for your house. Around the center of attraction, the rest of your design takes place. In this design, we emphasize you make the fireplace as the center of attraction for your house and place your furniture around it. With such a design, you can use a texture for your walls such as a brick texture or sand texture. Moreover, curtains will surely be helpful to complement the overall design. Furthermore, with the help of some greenery, you can make sure that the master bedroom always feels fresher and holistic.

3.    Add some life to your walls

As stated above, walls play a major role in the overall design of your master bedroom. Therefore, if you cover up all your walls with the help of patterned wallpapers, you can make your master bedroom look bigger with an elegant look. You may think that this will look daunting for your design, but you must know that you need to go after an understated print and ensure that you are sticking to just a single color for all your walls. With this, you can make the overall room even more consistent and beautiful. Furthermore, you can even make the look even more classic by opting for retro based furniture. Moreover, décor items such as a clock and lamps will surely complement the look even more. Also, you can always keep some space clear to make the place a lot more breathable.

Bottom Line

With the designer ideas given above, your dream home, café, or store interior design is just a few steps away from you. All you need to do is make up your mind and contact us at Red Kraft Interior to get your dream design come true. So, make sure that you surely go for a design idea among the endless variety of interior designs given above.

There’s a saying that “A home is what you make it”. Therefore, make sure you make it the best with the help of prolific ideas given above for various parts of your home. You’ll surely take one’s hat off for the decision. That’s all we have for today.

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