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How do our interior design services work?

One of the most frequent questions we receive is about how our interior design services work, that is why we decided to make a video where we explain each of the steps in a super didactic way. Now, I understand that unlike going to the dentist or the hairdresser, the services of a decorator are not something known to everyone.

That is why we believe that it may be interesting for you, as it can give you a guide on how to manage interior design, to go from an idea to making it come true. I know that some decorators are more zealous to show their processes, but you know that we are super open and we count everything. Also, I think this can also serve other designers who want to start their business.

Our process is divided into 10 simple steps that I am going to explain below.

1. Customer request via mail

The first contact with the customer is always digital. And although we receive many interested parties through social networks, we channel everything through the mail. The truth is that there are several revisions in the subsequent process, so it is important that we can have agile communication through email.

2. Meeting with client

After explaining how our services work in general terms, we coordinate a visit to see the place in person. On this visit we talk about the expectations of each client, what things they would like to do with their home, what they want to maintain and what they would be willing to renovate. Here we raise our opinion about what works and what doesn’t, and in that sense we are super honest if we believe that something is not right. In this meeting we also take photos and measurements, to have a record of the current state of the spaces.

3. Preparation of the initial budget

At this stage we put a price on each of the things that we discuss with the client, so that he has an idea of ​​the total cost of the renovation, considering all the furniture and our fees. I know that not everyone works this way, but we do it this way so that each client has an estimated value of the total cost of the project and can define if it is within their budget or not.

4. Interior design

It is by far the most fun part of the process. At this stage we create a 3D model of the space (s) to intervene, we look for furniture, pictures, we choose finishes, and we begin to model what the final transformation will be. We present this design to the client as an animated video, so that they can virtually tour the house. At this stage, some of the things originally budgeted are usually changed, because we realize that it does not fit, or we find a better alternative, or because the client wants to see other options. In truth this stage can be super fast or take a long time to correct. It all depends on each client.

5. Budget adjusted to reality

Once we have the approved design, we send the final budget with all the elements that were finally left. At this time we also request the advance to begin the execution of the project.

6. Date of assembly

Together with the final budget we indicate the assembly date. We do the assembly in one go, and for this we align the stars to ensure that everything arrives at the same time. In any case, most assemblies take 1 or 2 days. It all depends on the number of spaces to intervene and the work involved. Anyway, we make this clear and we schedule it at this time.

7. Shopping

We take care of buying everything to make the project come true. We literally go all over Santiago looking for the precise elements for each design. We also design and manufacture many custom products, as we have a furniture workshop on our team. And they really are very good, we constantly challenge them to create new things. If you have not seen the video of the launch of our store , there you can learn more about how they are manufactured.

8. Assembly day

This is the moment where everything is defined, the most intense day from an interior design point of view. As we like for a final reveal to take place, we ask clients not to be home this day. In the assembly we install all the furniture, curtains, pictures, accessories, etc. When they are just decoration projects, usually everything changes in one day. In fact, many times clients leave in the morning seeing “the before” and when they return in the afternoon everything is changed.

9. Delivery

If this whole process were on a TV show, this would be the climax. It’s when we present the final result to the client, and it’s my favorite moment. I love seeing their reactions when they see their house renovated for the first time.

10. Publication in The Decorator’s Blog

Finally the whole process ends up being published on the blog so that they can always review it. Well, before that we show you a live preview on Instagram Stories. But the official publication with professional photos always remains on the blog.

I hope that if you had doubts, this will give you more clarity on how an interior design project is carried out.

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