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Home Interior Design ideas by Experts in Bangalore

Every one of us dreams to own a house but not all of us consider the interior design. Many people love to decorate and make their house look elegant and stylish; this is only possible with the help of the best interior designer. Designer offers the best house interior design ideas that can help you to make your dream come alive as they have creative, technical, professional and industrial skills. 

Home Interior designing is much more than adding beauty to the house, they can change a studio apartment as a residence with the proper design and lightning. The large house with poor interior design lack’s space or some time seems to be over spacious. So along with proper designing, an interior designer helps you in many other tasks such as creating more spaces, civilizing the functional usage of space, comforting the light, improving the space efficiency, improving the textures, scale, patterns and size, improving the colour effects and, improving the lighting effect. They are experts in settling down and fitting the equipment. In a nutshell, it is all about changing the lives of the people and making them live better one. Hence, an intelligent and innovative interior designer is very important.

There are multiple home décor interior designs ideas and each one offers a different life experience. Trends come and go, but the practice of designing remains the same. When it comes to designing the space, whether it is a traditional or prefab home, Home Interior Designers have no limit; the experienced staff offers innovative and unique home interior design ideas to style your space. 

Modern, industrial, Farmhouse….and the list is never-ending. A noteworthy challenge most of the people face is lack of understanding and defining the interior design they dreamt of. As an abundance of Indian home interior design ideas are available so it’s very difficult for a client to choose the best out of them. Some enjoy mixing two of the styles and creating their unique style. No worries, we are here to help you, you just need to share your vision and our staff will help you to achieve your dream house. 

Why should you choose us?

  1. Define Your Style  

The main problem with every owner is that they fall in love with too many home interior designs, one day they decide to make a traditional kitchen and on the next day then plan to have a modern interior design and this makes you design paralyzed. So need not to worry, we are featured with experienced staff that help you to define your style by asking you an appropriate question. You need to share the innovative ideas and the vision; we are here for you to live your dream house. 

  1. Avoid the Headache

Designing and decorating is a long process, no worries, we are here to help you in every task such as ordering items, directing vendors, and keeping everything in budget. You just need to focus on the final result and get a beautiful house. 

  1. Access to Qualified Vendors

It is a very difficult task to hire vendors such as painters, carpenter and plumber separately.  It takes a lot of time for scouring reviews, collecting bids and checking with friends to finalize the right person. Hiring the best interiors designer in Bangalore can help you out as they are featured with trusted vendors that offer quality work. Plus, these vendors offer you every service at the best price. 

  1. Professional and gorgeous Results

The foremost reason to hire us is beautiful results, as we are featured with a qualified team which has enough knowledge and experience to offer you striking results. We use a lot of trick elements for room decoration. Also, our expert helps you in settling a furniture placement, window treatments, art arranging and rug size. 

  1. No More infuriating Returns and blunders

The very common mistake that all of us do is ordering online the decorative elements and then returning when it doesn’t match the house interior design in terms of colour or size. Unfortunately, these mistakes are very common, but the returning process is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. But AVVNL helps you in a better way in selecting the right element in one go. 

  1. Increase the Value of Your Home

We offer you with the innovative and trendy home interior design; in result, they will increase the value of your home. The designing kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive to decorate but you can’t deny the fact that they enhance the home aesthetics. We offer our clients with the finishes and materials that offer an appealing look at a reasonable price.

  1. Have Someone in Your Corner

AVVNL always keeps the interest and idea shared by the client in mind and will make sure vision is executed while designing the interior. Among the entire interior designer, AVVNL is the best interiors designer in Bangalore, our efficient staff note down every idea shared by you and completely study it to make your dream alive. 

  1. Innovative and Unique Ideas

In addition to designing the place, we offer a solution to every problem such as concerting the nook to study space or finalizing the curtain for your corner window. Our staff will always welcome you with the fresh pair of eyes and offer you the best idea that you had never thought of your own. 

Offer an appealing look to your home with home interior designs

In your search for house interior designs, let AVVNL guide you with the best design tips. Here enlisted are 15 best interior designing ideas that will surely offer your house an elegant look.  

  1. Modern

Modern interior design goes perfect for those who want simple and classy decoration, as in this design, the house is featured with a crisp clean colour palette made of metal, steel and glass. 

The modern home interior design employs the sense of elegance to every element of your home from ceiling to the furniture. The word sleek perfectly describes the modern style. Not a lot of accessories and furniture is included in this style. 

  1. Contemporary 

Contemporary and modern are two house interior designs, which is normally interchangeable. This style is more fluid and symbolizes the sense of currency with fewer adherences to the particular style. 

This style has the freedom to design and decorate in comparison to the modern style. Modern style is usually fixed around squared and grounded lines.

  1. Minimalist home interior design

The minimalist is the advanced version of the modern style. The key feature of this style is simplicity; therefore streamlined furniture is well settled to decorate the space. The modern interior design ideas mainly focus on functionality so you will not find any glimpses of flamboyant or glitzy. 

Natural colours are used to balance the coolness and warmth of the design. In nutshell, the design is all about functionality. The interior designing company “AVVNL” offers several innovative house interior design ideas at a very reasonable price. 

  1. Industrial design

Industrial style is a perfect amalgamation of design that is inspired by warehouse and urban loft.  Unfinished wood and exposed brick and ductworks are very common elements used for decoration. 

High ceilings, old timber and hanging metal light with sparse functional furniture are the elements used to enhance the decoration of the space. Natural colour schemes derived from wood and metals are commonly used.

  1.  Mid-century modern

Mid-century design is a major throwback to the 1900s, as fussy freestyle is used in this style. It is highlighting elements such as pared-down forms, natural shapes such as egg-shaped chairs and simple fabrications. This style perfectly complements house interior design and also helps the exterior and interior with seamless transition.

  1.  Scandinavian house interior design

Scandinavian design offers the feel like a work of art, though it is very simple and sophisticated. This style comprises natural elements such as pressed wood, steel, aluminium, wide plank flooring and bright plastic. 

AVVNL has many innovative ideas to decorate your house, if you love colour, then our creative staff uses the art, natural fibre, fur or single piece of furniture. The spacious light, functional furniture and fewer accessories enhance the beauty of the house. 

  1. Traditional design 

Talking about the traditional design, AVVNL offers the client with sumptuous furnishings, classic details, and a profusion of accessories. 

Traditional homes are usually featured with dark wood, a variety of textures, rich colour palettes and curved lines. Furnishing of this style is done with elegant fabrics like silk, velvet and brocade which may comprises of different patterns and textures.

  1. Transitional design 

Transitional is a perfect blending of traditional and modern design and their sense of balance is appealing and unexpected. Transitional designs are featured with modern elements such as steel or glass and mixing them with furnishing. 

Along with the modern element, this home interior design includes neutral colour palettes that create calm and relax space. 

  1. French country

French country design is perfectly described by the warm and earthy colours as are worn and ornamental wooden furnishing. The style is inspired by the overarching farmhouse. 

This house interior design is featured with yellow or gold, soft and warm tones of red and natural materials like brick and stones. The style includes collections of metaphorical ceramic dishes and heavy linens for bed coverings. 

  1. Rustic

The rustic home interior design idea is drawn from natural inspiration that includes the raw and unfinished elements such as wood and stone. This style includes the accessories from the outdoor, which may include reclaimed wood floors or like vaulted ceilings adorned with wood beams 

  1. Farmhouse design

Farmhouse decoration is a brand new approach to interior designing. In this, the dried lavender and other greeneries are arranged carefully to style your home. In this décor, the furniture is made from the distressed wood and upholstered linen. The colour scheme used is light natural colour such as turquoise or light yellow, but introducing a brighter colour can also offer a stylish look. For a more high-end option, you can check out AVVNL.

  1. Nautical

Get the warm, relaxing, and positive feel with nautical décor. This style is also known as cottage décor. This interior design is featured with white or sand coloured groundwork along with blue as the primary colour.

Talking about the furniture, the nautical decor includes unfinished wooden tables or chairs, upholstery seats and sofas for living area. The decorative element comprises of seashells in jars, jute ropes, rowing oars, navigational maps, sailboats and more!

  1. Coastal design 

Coastal interior design is best for the nature lovers as it comprises of bright, light and airy environs. The common colours used in this décor are light blue and the greens, cream and the neutral are used to balance the brightness.  

  1. Shabby-Chic

Shabby-chic is very popular nowadays due to its elegant crafty style. The most attractive elements of this décor are distressed furnishings, design elements, floral prints and whitewashed floors. 

This home interior design idea is inspired by vintage designs so the style has the glimpses of feminine, soft and delicate designs. The main aim of the design is to blend the contemporary and modern features with ragged and scruff finish. The key elements used in the décor are wall hangings, linen textiles flimsy light fixtures and a mixture of pastel and white colours.

  1. Eclectic Design Style

Eclectic design is settling down the contrasting elements such as colours, furnishings and materials.  If the elements are overdone, then they look terrible, but when arranged well it gives the unified and attractive design.

In Eclectic home interior design, the designers usually borrow ideas from other trends, styles, and also periods. These designers just break the rules and have a little fun to create something creative and innovative.

Eclectic designs offer the designers a chance to work and come up with something outstanding. In the first time these designs seem to be random or messy but there is a very little difference between aesthetically pleasant. 

The listed above are the best Indian home interior design ideas that can help you to decorate your house in the way you want.  Make your dream house alive by hiring an interior designer. Some people think that hiring an interior designer is a waste of money, but the fact is that you can save a lot of money and time, as they offer great home interior design packages. You can select the package according to your budget and live your dream with us!

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