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About Us

Everything you need to know about us

AVVNL is an interior design company in Bangalore dedicated to the development and study of residential, and commercial projects. We work to offer all our clients pleasant, comfortable and sophisticated spaces. We strive to meet promised expectations and for this we draw on our 15-year track record in construction work, remodeling, interior decoration and integral kitchens. For us, the destination of a good project lies in the orderly process that goes from the interview with our client, through the careful design of the proposal and a meticulous development of the work, making special monitoring of the details, colors, lighting, shapes and textures.

You are a new challenge for us, a new need, a new expectation and a mission to fulfill. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to your lifestyle the experience accumulated by us in these years. Dare to live with us the sensations of harmony, tranquility and peace that a well-conceived space will bring to your home, hotel, premises or office.


Without losing sight of the expectations and needs of our clients, we develop the best remodeling works.

Interior design

We intervene in the architecture of the spaces seeking the best use of them in all contexts.

Interior decoration

Careful in the scale and proportions of the space, we achieve environments worthy of observing and enjoying.

Integral kitchens

Strong in design, strong in the elaboration of high-end and mid-range integral kitchens.